Modern Combat 5 Intro, Review and Apk Download

Modern Combat 5 has both the Single Player Mode and the Multiplayer Game Mode. I have had an extensive look at the game over the past few days. I was one of the First to get the game when it was released. So as soon as I got it i stared playing it, and a few days back I completed the Single Player Campaign.

After finishing the game, I didn’t have to wonder about what I’m going to do next, because the Multiplayer mode was just there with a lot of cool online game modes. I Felt right at home. In brief, It has similar gameplay to Modern Combat 4, but this time around, Gameloft has managed to do it better. You can trick Modern Combat 5 with Game Hacker latest released. This is the Best FPS for Mobile as of today.

When you look at the game, Popular Console/PC Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield will come to your mind. This is following it’s footsteps, Yes. What is impressive is the fact that the Game is fully optimized for Mobiles and the Controls being precise. One would argue that it is not easy as using a Keyboard, Mouse or a Controller, and I agree. This is why Gameloft has given the user the freedom to use any Bluetooth Wireless Controller on Any Platform. There is one other option named Game Killer for modifying games. Using a controller increases your level of accuracy when playing the game.

But the game is not available for free and if you are an android user then you can grab this game for free by Downloading Apk Version of Modern Combat 5 Apk. Stay tuned for more premium games which you will get only at Boom Apk Games.




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